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Welcome to Succeed Africa

Our Mission

To spread the gospel of Christ by making the reign of God known in word and deed -  empowering people living below the poverty line through self-sustaining support and practical life changing actions, advancing educational initiatives, and making known the transformative power of a relationship with God, his son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Our Vision

To see  success, transformation and hope in the lives of  the chronically poor in developing nations. Succeed Africa, was started to help the developing countries centered in Africa to eradicate poverty, to build a strong and stable future to economically challenged by using the available resources to improve their standards of living.

Our positive change in action is geared towards supporting women, children, youth, physically challenged members in communities, accepting them as valued members with a voice within the society. Working together with churches and ministries globally to spread the gospel, our main aim is not only to see a stable society in developing countries but to develop a strong Christian foundation to every member of the society as we wait for the second coming of Jesus.

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