What We Do

Drinking Water 

We unlock human potentials by providing  reliable water projects to poor communities in Africa who suffer needlessly from lack of access to clean and safe drinking water and proper sanitation.

Our History

Succeed Africa is an Organization that dresses and addresses water needs in  disadvantaged communities in Africa.  With a focus on improving the life standards of the African people, Succeed Africa Relief Organization has a goal to assist the needy through distribution of clean and safe drinking water for human consumption. 

At the onset, Succeed Africa Relief Organization covered myriads of objectives such as advancement of religion, relief of poverty, health, disaster relief, Agriculture and water but over time, we have narrowed our objective to only one; to improve life standards by providing clean and safe drinking water to communities in high needs. 

In the fight against poverty, Succeed Africa Relief Organization believes that people in marginalized parts of the world can be empowered to be self sustaining by tapping into their strengths, the gifts of nature and the resources already at their disposal. Succeed Africa Relief Organization exists to give hope and to empower communities through its sustainable water projects.  

Who We Work With

We work with communities in great need of clean and safe drinking water. These communities must be in Africa within peaceful and stable countries and must clearly show the need that is in line with our objective. 

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