Now I believe God is Alive

July 29, 2013 | Posted by: Succeed Africa

Last month was a month full of blessings, Dress Africa got to reach out to Rambira children's home sheltering 9 children, donated clothes and celebrated a meal together with them. It was a blessing to be part of spiritual journey with vulnerable people in a society full of needs to be addressed.

Our partnership with other organizations is proving to impact more lives and changes we are seeing on the ground in Kenya can only be said to be testimonies in believers ears. 
We are going to bless two ladies with a shelter through the support of the Volunteers in Missions organization. 
Yunia is a lady in her late 60s living with her 4 grand children in the tin-shark structure shown below, which has put her and her family through a lot of suffering in bad weather conditions. The worst of all comes during perennial rains and floods that sweep through homes and houses. She has continued holding onto hope knowing that one day she will get a better shelter and this week marks a dream come true.
Our team of volunteers started work at her place on Tuesday and by Friday the house was up. The images below shows the different stages of the project as they wrap up the work at Yunia's place. One of these new structures costs $350 and can help change a family's life forever.
"I have witnessed a miracle and now I believe that God is Alive. I did not know that I could be blessed this much by God but after seeing what Dress Africa has done, I want to give thanks to God and everybody who took part in blessing my family with a house. Our life has changed from today." Yunia said.

We ask you to join us in prayers as we work towards changing, empowering and giving hope to people in most marginalized parts of Africa.

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